Top 6 Cat Breeds for ESA - 2021 Guide


If you are here reading this article, there is a huge chance you are a cat lover and if not, by the end of this article, you will be one fur real! For those who don’t know what an ESA is, let us start by explaining that first. An emotional Support Animal or an ESA is an animal that you can keep for your emotional support. If you are facing mental health issues like depression, anxiety or stress, you can ask your terrier breeds health professional to let you keep an ESA. So, if you are one of those people who love cats and want to adopt an ESA but aren’t sure which cat breed to keep, we are here to help. 



Are you wondering why one needs to learn about different breeds of cats before adopting one? Well, that’s because all breeds of cats have different personalities and traits. So, to suit your personality, it would be better to read about them. Here, I have categorized cats so you can choose easily. 


Affectionate American Shorthair

American Shorthair is recognized as the most popular and common cat breed, found in almost every American house. This cat is affectionate but easy going. It will love you and play with you, but it won't mind being alone either. Moreover, if you are afraid about the cat’s interaction with your kids, don’t worry! American Shorthair is affectionate and gets along with kids really well. With these qualities, who wouldn’t love to live with cbg vs cbd a cat! They love to both stay at home and travel outside. So, if you have a busy routine or like to stay at home, American Shorthair will be your best companion. Also, don’t forget to get an ESA letter for housing or traveling purposes. The ESA letter must be renewed every year.


Sassy Siamese

If you ask me which cat is the most beautiful and sings too, I would say Siamese. They don’t actually sing but are pretty vocal and have a sweet voice. One of the best qualities of these cats is that they are curious; they like to explore the outside world. 


Blissful Bengal

This breed of cats is called Bengal because of the tiger stripes on their bodies. If you are looking for an athletic cat, the Bengal cat is a perfect fit for you! These cats love to explore, go for walks and play all the time. There wouldn’t be a time you would find them not pouncing or best flea treatment for dogs playing. They are energetic and intelligent. They learn tricks quickly.


Magnificent Maine Coon

If you are familiar with this breed, you must know exactly why I called them magnificent. A Maine coon cat is all big and furry but a cute little kitten at heart. They have become popular recently. They become attached to family members easily. You would come across tons of videos online of these cats playing with babies. On top of everything else, they are intelligent. You can easily train them.


Royal and Reliable Ragdoll

For those who love both cats and dogs but can afford to keep only one, why not keep the best canned dog food cat with puppy dog eyes that can perform dog tricks too? It can’t get anymore purrfect than that! Ragdoll, as the name suggests, is a doll looking cat breed. They are cute and playful. They get along with children easily too.


Precious Persian

Persian cats are known as the most adorable and fluffy cats. It is impossible for a cat lover to see a Persian cat and not pet it. It is true that their grooming requires a lot of time, patience, and sometimes money, however, all the effort is worth it when they cuddle you. They have an ESA letter expressive personality and chat for long. 


It’s a huge pawsibility that by now you have decided which breed of cat you want to keep. If you can’t decide between two breeds, keep both! 


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